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Our Story

Frenew brings a smile to the faces of mothers-to-be and offers a better, more comfortable pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage and a lot of trouble getting pregnant again. I was so afraid of losing another baby that I was afraid to leave the bed or even move. As a result, the physical discomfort and emotional stress of not being able to have a proper sleep led to immense difficulty rather than the sweet excitement of a coming baby. I badly needed a body pillow as I spent most of my time in bed. I tried so many different products to find the right one, but I was disappointed in all of them. After my daughter was born and in light of my difficult experience, I decided to make a body pillow that would have resolved the issues I had during my pregnancy, and make a better product than what existed on the market. After much trial and error, I am very proud to introduce Frenew: a pillow that will satisfy every mom-to-be.

Frenew promises the highest quality, an innovative, practical design that is durable both throughout and after pregnancy. We sincerely hope that expectant mothers will have a better, more pleasant experience and a healthy birth with Frenew.

What is Frenew?

With a name coined from the combination of two words “fresh” and “new” Frenew pillows gives you a fresh, new experience and comes from Canada, a nation of beautiful nature.

Frenew’s Three Promises:

We deliver comfort, relaxation & wellbeing for the modern day mothers.

We aim for an innovative, practical design, and place high priority on ease and convenience.

We are proud to offer a satisfying experience with our premium, high-quality products.